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31 Agu 2022

Get to Know Layering Lighting Techniques

Hi in-Lite People, to optimizing natural lighting, the beauty of the room is highly influenced by the technique or artificial illumination or placement of lights at strategic points.

Mengenal Teknik Pencahayaan Layering

31 Agu 2022

How to Make Room Look Spacious with Lighting Techniques

Hi in-Lite People, ceiling is one of the important factors to choose the type of lighting.

Tips Membuat Ruangan Terlihat Luas dengan Teknik Pencahayaan

29 Agu 2022

Tips for Using Garden Lights

Hi in-Lite People, to make the garden still look beautiful at night, garden lights usage is a major factor that can’t be ignored.

Tips Menggunakan Lampu Taman
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