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  • How do I claim the in-Lite lamp warranty?
    If the customer makes a purchase via an Offline Store, the customer can exchange the lamp at the shop from which he purchased it. If the customer makes a purchase via the online store but not at the in-Lite official store, the customer can confirm to the original store to return it. However, if the original store refuses to return, the customer will be redirected to chat directly to the in-Lite Official Store. If the customer makes a purchase via the in-Lite Official Store Online Store, the customer can directly chat with the Admin to process the return.
  • What are the advantages of the Bulb in-Lite type lamp?
    The in-Lite Bulb lamp has a "Smart Bulb" type, which is a lamp that can be adjusted for color choices and brightness levels via a smartphone.
  • How many light variants are there for the in-Lite bulb?
    The Bulb light type has 3 light variants, white/cooldaylight/6500K, Natural/Coolwhite/4000K, and Yellow/ Warmwhite/3000K.
  • How to calculate driver requirement?
    To calculate the need for drivers by: The wattage of the lamp is multiplied by the length/number of lamps to be used, then added by 30% (the safety limit). Example: 5watt X 5meter + 30% = 32.5 watts. So the driver used is 36watt, because the driver is close to the required wattage.
  • How many types of panel lights are there?
    There are 2 types of panels, there are inbow and outbow types with round and square shapes.
  • How long is the warranty period for the in-Lite lamp?
    The in-Lite lamp guarantee can be claimed for a maximum of 1 year of use.
  • What is the difference between IP20 and IP65 Type in-Lite lamps?
    Lamps with an IP20 type are recommended for indoor lamps, while lamps with an IP65 type can be used for outdoors because they are water resistant.< /p>
  • What is the difference between AC and DC type lamps?
    For AC lamps (220V) for installation the lamps can be directly connected to a power source, while for DC lamps (12V) installation requires an additional driver/transformer.
  • How to operate the Smart Bulb light?
    To operate the smart bulb, how to activate Bluetooth and connect the lamp to an smartphone then download the TUYA SMART application to adjust the color and light of the lamp.
  • Is there an in-Lite lamp that has 3 colors at once in 1 lamp? What type?
    Yes, panel type INPS628R-ST, Ceiling INCE118-ST, Bulb INSM022 and all Reading Lamp.
  • Can the in-Lite LED Strip Light be cut? How many meters is the cut limit of the lamp?
    Yes, in-Lite LED Strip lights can be cut per 1 meter for AC type lamps and 2.5 cm for DC type lamps.
  • Are in-Lite lamps covered by warranty?
    Yes, all in-Lite lights are covered by warranty.
  • How do I change the color of the lamp on the Switch Tuneable type (3 colors)?
    To change the color of the Switch Tuneable light by quickly turning the on - off switch.
  • What is the difference between the Inbow and Outbow types?
    The inbow type has to make a hole in the ceiling so that the panel light doesn't stick out / flush with the ceiling. The outbow type does not need to make holes in the ceiling, just stick it so that the panel lights protrude from the ceiling.
  • How do sensor lights work?
    The sensor light is recommended for outdoor use, the light will turn on automatically when it is dark/at night and vice versa the light will automatically turn off when it is bright/in the morning.
  • How do I recharge the emergency light?
    To recharge the emergency lamp, attach the lamp to the fitting with the switch on (on). When charging, the lamp can also be used as a main light.
  • Are there lights that can be adjusted the brightness level / dimmer?
    Yes, there are INMR1603D and INMR1607D Spotlight Series lamps. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted using Dimmer.
  • What are the conditions for claiming the in-Lite lamp warranty?
    For warranty claims for in-Lite lamps, customers are required to keep invoices/purchase receipts and boxes/boxes lamps. The warranty does not apply if the lamp is damaged due to burning, breaking and installation errors.
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